Frequently Asked Questions

On Demand Booking
For Enterprises
What are the different vehicle types and their sizes?
The vehicles available on our platform are as follows:
Vehicle Type Size (LxWxH in ft.) Load
Mini Bakkie(Nissan Np 200 , Chevrolet Utility Or Similar) 1.8m x 1.3m x 1.8m 800 kg
1 Ton Bakkie(Nissan Np 300 , Toyota Hilux Single Cab Or Similar) 2.2m x 1.4m x 1.8m 1100 kg
1.3 Ton Truck(Hyundai H100, Kia K2700 or Similar) 2.8m x 1.7m x 1.8m 1500 kg
4.0 Ton Truck( Toyota Dyna, Isuzu NMR250 or Similar) min 3m x 2.2m x 2.5m 4000 kg
6.0 Ton Truck(Mercedes Benz, Man or Similar) min 4m x 2.2m x 2.5m 6000 kg
If you require any other type of truck for your needs please don’t hesitate to contact us on
What are the prices for booking a vehicle?
The price primarily depends on the vehicle type and the time of utilisation. We charge a flat fee for the first 60 minutes and a pro-rata price after that. We also have an ‘all day pricing’ capped at 8 hours and 80 km and “half day pricing” capped at 4 hours and 40 km. Our pricing is very transparent and you are able to view the exact amounts charged per km and minute before booking!

For NGOs and special causes, please contact for pricing.
What are the goods not allowed to be moved?
Just about anything that will fit in the bed of our trucks can be moved. We do practice good sense and adhere to the law, so here are the things we just can’t move:

- No people or animals in bed (ever).
- No illegal items.
- No hazardous materials. (includes but is not limited to: explosives, gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, poisonous or infectious substances, radioactive materials, corrosives).
- No firearms, ammunition or other explosive materials.
- No articles of exceptional value (antiques, fine art, jewels/jewelry, gold or other precious metals).

Our Combined Website Policy page contains detailed information on what cannot be moved.
Do you provide any extra services or accessories for moving?
We do not provide any additional services besides transportation (all trucks come with a driver) and extra helpers.

If you have any special requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us at to see if we can assist with the request.
What are the modes of payment?
Credit or debit card
Instant EFT
How quickly can I get a vehicle?
You will receive a confirmation notification from MzansiGo within 5 minutes from the time of your booking. Once that is done, the vehicle availability and its details will be shared with you in 10 minutes. It should take no longer than 30-60 minutes for the driver to reach your pickup location once the service partner is assigned.

In case of any delay or other set back, you will be notified via dashboard notification, email or phone call. Don’t worry this happens on <1% of our bookings.
How quickly can my shipment be delivered?
We assure you that we try our best to get shipments delivered as quickly as possible. Sometimes unforeseen difficulties during loading/unloading time are encountered. Traffic can also be a bit of a drag sometimes. If you feel that your MzansiGo service partner is not trying their absolute best to get the load completed speedily, please reach out to us at with your booking ref number as subject.
Can I change my drop-off location after the booking is confirmed?
Our app/web booking dashboard does not accept changes in its current configuration. However, you can call our support number to make changes for you.
How reliable are MzansiGo service-partners?
We have an extensive checklist of documents which every driver-partner needs to submit before being considered as a potential service partner.
My driver/vehicle profile does not match. What do I do?
As a customer, you will be able to see the driver’s profile on the app/dashboard along with their vehicle details. When you notice it’s not matching kindly reach out to our support team and don't let driver to load the vehicle. Our support team are always at the ready to assist!
How do I report an incident?
Kindly reach out to our support team at the earliest and we will ensure that the replacement vehicle reaches you in 1 hour. Please contact for any detailed concerns
How do I report an incident?
For any incident please contact MzansiGo on or 081 432 2300.
Why choose MzansiGo over others?
At MzansiGo, we provide clean & well maintained trucks of all sizes on the fixed & on-demand basis for all your intra-city goods transport. Our helpers are well trained and extremely professional. Customer satisfaction is our core value. We reiterate the importance of the customer. Without customers we have no future. With MzansiGo, the customer is always placed on a pedestal!
What are the types of operations MzansiGo deals in?
● First mile delivery
● Last mile delivery
● Hyper local delivery and distribution
● Line Haul

Some of the industries we serve, Electronics & Appliances, Furniture, Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, Construction Materials, Fruit & Vegetables and Processed Foods, E-commerce, Couriers & Logistics, FMCG
How do I track my driver’s whereabouts?
All our drivers use the MzansiGo-Partner app. So you can track your vehicles on real time basis on the app as well as on the Enterprise dashboard.
Do you integrate APIs?
Yes, we do. Contact us with any queries.
Are there any specific locations where my vehicle cannot go?
We have geo-fenced the city limits and we urge you to pick your drop location within the city limits.
What is the vehicle replacement time?
In case of vehicle breakdown, absence of vehicle, accident and the likes, the vehicle will be replaced within 1 hour from the time of reporting the incident to us.
Do you offer a credit period to Enterprise Customers?
Yes, our standard credit period is 30 days.