Our Approach

Why we’re here

We are set-out to build and implement Africa’s best intra-city logistics company by providing unique solutions to tough problems. We leverage technology and value-adding partnerships to provide cost-effective solutions. Technology is used by MzansiGo to create an asset-light, logistics and distribution marketplace. Standardising a very informal and disorganised market is no easy feat, but we at MzansiGo believe this is possible and would inevitably lead to the most cost efficient solutions for the end-client. MzansiGo is already making waves in the moving of household and furniture items within Cape Town and beyond, but our horizons have widened to include solutions within the broader logistics and distribution space for a multitude of clients seeking to move away from primitive technology.

What we do

We build and implement systems and networks that makes all things logistics efficient. To achieve this, we started our logistics journey by forming partnerships with hundreds of 1.3 ton truck owners and formed our first marketplace for small household moves as well as last-mile large item delivery. This proved to work very well. From here we plan to grow our offering to include numerous logistics and delivery solutions to both enterprise and non enterprise clients. This includes everything from on-demand logistics, fixed deliveries, storage and micro wharehousing, as well as fixed vehicle rental, API integration and much more.

We are actively organising the intra-city distribution marketplace.

Where we’re headed

With MzansiGo, manufacturers are delivering products faster to the end consumer, small businesses are relying on our spot market for asset light logistics and individuals are easily transacting second-hand goods and moving household goods. On the supply side, owner drivers are seeing increased earnings and upskilling. And we like to think that this is just the beginning. We are working sleepless nights to build a future where companies can rely on us to manage their entire logistics chain, so that they can fulfill the mandate that their stakeholders need.