Resourcefulness and Results Driven

MzansiGo as a company is worth nothing without its customers. Our core values are thus all structured around providing our customers with exceptional solutions, far ahead of its time. Our team considers inefficiencies in the logistics and distribution sector as opportunities to be grabbed with both hands. We get excited by tough problems, usually by the prospect of being able to solve them
with a unique approach, always relevant to the actuality of the African market.

Shared Values

We have 10 values which define the way we work and lead. We use them regularly to guide our decision making, ranging from deciding on product roadmaps to hiring talent.



Awareness works. Act before the customer approaches you.



Honesty is always rewarded. Show inegrity and admit to mistakes.


Listen to understand

To really understand a specific problem you need to listen. Listen to
care and to gain new ideas.


Produce creative alternatives

When focusing on solving a problem, we at MzansiGo tend to focus on solving the problem creatively as opposed to limiting ourselves to traditional thinking patterns


Do the RIGHT things

We are not as concerned on doing ” things ” right” but tend to spend much more time on determining what the ” RIGHT things” are. Being busy does not mean progress.


Obtaining results

Our KPA’s are not as focused on the amount of input a certain area has received, but rather the output that was achieved. We don’t discharge duties, we focus on obtaining results


Take control. See it to the end

Treat the company’ s challenges as your own. Ens


Serve through reaction time

Serve by reacting quickly, with quality as the ultimate guideline and dependability as motive. Follow up, be different!


No customer. No future.

We reiterate the importance of the customer. Without customers we have no future. With MzansiGo, the customer is always placed on pedistal!


Do more with less

Frugality is what has helped us survive against superior funded competitors and large incumbents. Frugal is not cheap. Frugal is doing more with less.