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How it all started

The idea of MzansiGo started when the founder, Thinus, needed to move furniture from a
one-bedroom apartment to a new apartment some 10 km away with less than two days' notice.
The moving inventory included a two-seater couch, a queen size bed and some small odds and
ends. Nothing too major it might seem...

Three things went wrong:

One, it was surprisingly difficult to come across a, background checked mover to help on short
Two, the movers pitched up two hours late with what looked like a pick up truck that barely
survived an apocalypse.
Three, the price agreed upon prior to the move was suddenly changed and only cash was

The rest was history...Enter MzansiGo!

Who we are

At MzansiGo we know that moving, disposing or donating large items can be daunting. We
want to take the "scary" out of moving and provide you with one of our reliable trucks and helpers
at a fraction of the cost. We here at MzansiGo, see ourselves as people who want to make
moving a pleasant, streamlined experience and at the same time build great partnerships.

Our team at MzansiGo is expanding rapidly. If you want to join us don't be shy, get in contact.

How do we do it

MzansiGo is in partnership with hundreds of 1.4 ton Hyundai H100 and Kia K2700 truck
owners. All of the trucks are quality checked by our MzansiGo control team. Each truck has an
allocated driver and helper with moving experience ready to pick up whatever you throw at

We track our trucks from our MzansiGo control center and allocate them to your request within
seconds! The truck and driver details are sent through to you on your mobile phone.

One of our friendly customer champions are at the ready to answers any questions you might
have about MzansiGo.

Our mission statement

Through simplicity, planning and technology we can move the world.

Affordable. Reliable. Efficient.

- the art of moving -

Still have questions? Contact Us

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